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Professor Obi Blog | Medical Council News | Ireland Leads The Way | No Immunity For Former Medical Council President | Source - Irish Times | Click Here For The Full Article

A former president of the Irish Hospital Consultants’ Association has been found guilty of “poor professional performance” by a fitness to practice inquiry of the Medical Council.

Dr Colm Quigley is the clinical director at Wexford General Hospital and is himself a former president of the Medical Council.

The findings will now be forwarded to the board of the Medical Council who will deliberate and decide on what sanctions – if any – will be imposed on Dr Quigley.

The finding of poor professional performance of a doctor is distinct from from from the more serious accusation of “professional misconduct”, which was not levelled against him.

The case relates to a patient – known only as Patient X – who was referred by his GP to Dr Quigley’s private clinic at the Ely Hospital at Ferrybank, Co Wexford on August 27, 2009.

Patient X was said to have been suffering from a number of complaints including low sodium in the blood.

After the consultation, Dr Quigley wrote to Patient X’s GP and said he would be carrying out a series of tests on Patient X. These tests were never carried out. Patient X died of inoperable lung cancer on April 16th, 2011. There is no allegation that Dr Quigley caused deterioration in the patient’s health or in any way contributed to his death.

Dr Quigley told the inquiry he believed subsequent examination of medical records had shown Patient X had not contracted the cancer that killed him in 2010 – and so the missing tests in 2009 could not have revealed it.

However, the committee found Dr Quigley was guilty of “poor professional performance” in failing to arrange the tests, failing to recognise the tests had not been carried out, and failing to have “any adequate system” in place for tracking or monitoring tests.

He was also guilty of failing to “respond adequately” to letters and phone calls over a number of months by Patient X, his wife, and his GP enquiring as to why the tests had not yet been carried out.

It was proven beyond reasonable doubt that Dr Quigley, in or after the first consulation in August, failed to “ensure” the tests were carried out – but this was not deemed to constitute “poor professional performance”.

Dr Quigley was found not guilty of allegations that at consultations in August and December 2009, he failed to take “any adequate history” or undertake “any adequate examination” of Patient X.

He was also found not guilty of an allegation that he “failed to maintain adequate records in respect of the care afforded” to Patient X.

During closing statements, Neasa Bird, for the Medical Council, said Dr Quigley had been unable to provide an explanation or excuse as to why the series of tests were not carried out.

The crux of the prosecution case hung on the argument that Dr Quigley had not been responsible for one mistake, but “a series of errors over a long period of time”. She said this amounted to a case of poor professional performance.

In his closing statement, Paul Anthony McDermott, counsel for Dr Quigley, said his client’s position was the same as it had been from the outset – that “a mistake” had occurred.

He said Dr Quigley had an otherwise “unblemished” record.

“What this case does establish is that paper-based systems can go wrong. Ireland is moving towards computer-based systems which should ensure that something like this never happens again.”

He said it was “ironic” that Dr Quigley was the subject of an inquiry having “spent much of his time protecting patients in the role as clinical director (at Wexford General Hospital)”.

Concerning allegations from the Medical Council that Dr Quigley had implicated himself with an admission that his handling of Patient X had “fallen below (his) standards”, Mr McDermott said this was “unfair”.

“His standards are unusually high and he has been a perfectionist. It’s unfair to turn that approach on him and use his own evidence to condemn him. He said ‘I wanted to do better’ and that is being used against him.”

The committee heard Dr Quigley has made “significant changes” to his practice, including the reduction of the number of patients he sees. “He is making changes to make sure this never happens again,” added Mr McDermott.

Joseph Obi | Medical Licensing Commission : Fundamental Regulatory Differences Between MLC and GMC

*Key Differences Medical Licensing Commission (MLC) General Medical Council (GMC)
Jurisdiction International United Kingdom
Licentiate Practising Rights Global United Kingdom
Leadership Structure Worldwide Residents (Multi - Racial) United Kingdom Residents (Mainly White Caucasian)
Licensure Format 50 Year Fixed Tenure, without any Annual Hassles or Complications Annual (at the sole discretion of the GMC)
Basic Licensure Cost Basic Licensure : Less than 50 Pence (50p) Per Month ( Payable as a one-off Fee for the whole 50 Year Tenure) One Year of Basic General Medical Council Licensure (and Registration) costs more than the whole 50 Year Basic MLC Offering.
Licensure Fee Increments Permanently Fixed from the day you join Not Permanently Fixed from the day you join
Scope of Clinical Practise Multiple Grey Areas within Orthodox Conventional Clinical Medicine which are not exclusive to GMC Licensed Doctors (i.e those duties which are performed by those who do not have GMC Licensure e.g Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists, Technicians etc) ; PLUS Self-Care, Self-Help, Empowerment , Alternative Medicine , Traditional Medicine , Non- Surgical Cosmetic Procedures, Anti-Ageing , Mind Therapies, Energy Healing , Bodywork , Natural Fertility Support, Advanced Wellness Interventions , OTC Remedies etc Orthodox Conventional Clinical Medicine Only
Professional Liability Insurance Worldwide Cover from a wide range of International Organizations The GMC Requires Compulsory Insurance from Medical Defence Union and Medical Protection Societies within the UK
Certificate of Good Standing A 50 Year Certificate is Automatically Issued to each Licentiate upon Formal MLC Certification The GMC has Full Control of it's Registrant's Certificate of Good Standing ; and usually refuses to issue it directly to them.
Disciplinary Procedures All Formal MLC Complaints are officially forwarded directly to the Licentiates Themselves , for onward consideration and Possible Transmission to their Appropriate Professional Indemnity Providers (Insurers). The MLC will never Suspend or Erase or Strike Off . There are no Fanciful Public Show Trials either The GMC prouldy seems to formidably display a relatively unquenchable thirst for Excruciatingly Humiliating Public Disciplinary Hearings ; together with Draconian Suspension and Erasure Powers
Damage (Crisis) Control , When Things Go Wrong The Medical Licensing Commission always helps it's Licentiates to get back on their feet again - and Fly . . . The General Medical Council almost always seems to publicly rejoice whenever Precious Medical Careers sadly seem to be Helplessly Sinking down the drain . . .
Statutory Name Medical Licensing Commission General Medical Council
Professional Title of Registrants Medical Licensing Commission (MLC) Consultant General Medical Council (GMC) Registered Medical Practitioner
Exclusive Professional Prefix for Registrants Medical Licensing Commission Licentiates can either apply for their very own unique MLC Prefix Title - or lawfully use their original Doctor Title if they so wish , provided that they do not describe themselves as being a General Medical Council (GMC) Registered Medical Practitioner None. The GMC does not hold any Exclusive Statutory Rights to the title of Doctor.
Private Clinic Opportunities Medical Licensing Commission Licentiates can swiftly set up their very own Private Clinics immediately their MLC License , Professional Indemnity Insurance and Immigration Formalities (if necessary) are in place. The General Medical Council Establishment often prevents it's Registrants from running their very own Private Clinics ; especially those who are relatively young in the Medical Profession.

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Doctor Joseph Obi | Dr Joseph Obi | Professor Obi | Prof Obi | Dr Obi | Professor Joseph Obi

Monday, 21 January 2013

Joseph Chikelue Obi | Alternative Medicine

Joseph Chikelue Obi | Alternative Medicine ( Historical Press Release Archives : Volume 1 : 1995 to 2005 ) ________________________________________________________________________________

Distinguished RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, publicly advises all Media Organizations to ethically check all of their facts relating to RCAM before publication. __________________________________________________________________________________

Distinguished RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, has publicly advised all Media Organizations to ethically check all of their facts relating to RCAM before publishing.

The 2006 New Year Message from the Distinguished RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) FRIPH (UK) FACAM (USA) MICR (UK) formally read as follows :

"Over the past few years , RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) has quietly had to ethically tolerate more than it's own fair share of wantonly unsubstantiated highly defamatory material liberally disseminated about it.

It is also very important to note that (despite RCAM's consistent vindication in every single area of such frivolous reports), absolutely none of these Media Outlets has morally found it appropriate to issue either public retractions or private apologies as soon as it miraculously dawned upon them that they had made the biggest goofs (not scoops) of the respective years in question.

RCAM would therefore like to publicly appeal to all Media Organizations to ethically realize that Royal College of Alternative Medicine is both a Statutorily Registered Trademark and a Legally Registered Entity. The FRCAM (Dublin) designation is also fully protected by Statute.

Should any Media Organization have any queries whatsoever about RCAM, then the best way to send them to us before publication is via our online Contact Form (available 24 hours a day at, which also enables us to keep a permanent lawful record of such noble enquiries.

The Media is also hereby alerted of a certain class of Clientelle who seem to be exceedingly eager to sell utterly grandiose stories to the Global Press , rather than settle their outstanding debts and invoices. The Media must diligently ask for such RCAM e-mails directly from their Reliable Sources, and also be 100% sure of what they intend to publish , before they go ahead and publish it . The same goes for Search Engines too.

Although RCAM has temporarily overlooked such a serious avalanche of defamatory offences against us up till now , we still strongly reserve the right to fiscally hold all of the various Media Organizations themselves fully liable for their actions ; as we have now come to the extremely wise conclusion that these Media Outlets are in a far better position to promptly pay us appropriate compensation for any untoward besmirchment thereof ".

About Royal College of Alternative Medicine:

RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) is an Officially Registered, Dublin-Based, Independent, Regulatory, Training and Empowerment Body for Qualified Wellness Consultants and their Associates from all over the world ; which solely aims to Protect the Public ; by raising Ethical Awareness ( and optimizing Best Professional Standards) in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM).

RCAM has absolutely no links whatsoever with any 'Royal Entity' of 'Similar' (or 'Presumed Similar') Nomenclature , Title , Calling , Being or Eminence.

RCAM is currently spearheading the Greatest Ever Fellowship Recruitment Drive in History.

Please kindly feel free to e-mail any further enquiries and suggestions via the contact form on the RCAM website at Applications for Fellowship are ethically processed throughout the year; and an Accelerated Fellowship Programme is also available for any 'Exceptional Candidates'.